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Posted by Paul Baggermans on 25 November 2019






Dropsafe responds to rising demand for Drops prevention solutions from the European Oil & Gas, Power-Gen, Refinery and Marine markets via a new distribution deal with Van Dam Maintenance & Repair

The Netherlands, 25 November 2019 – Dropsafe, the global leader in Dropped Object (Drops) prevention, has signed a new European distribution deal with Van Dam Maintenance & Repair, a market leader in fire and blast protective solutions with extensive experience in offshore maintenance.

This partnership will bring greater access to Dropsafe’s innovative products to a wide range of industries throughout continental Europe, including Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Refineries, Marine and Offshore wind. Users of Dropsafe’s corrosion-resistant polymer Barrier system and advanced steel mesh Nets and Pouches will benefit from increased technical support and reduced delivery times.

Knowledge transfer between industries is vital to ensure consistent implementation of Drops best practice – and, as the European Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Offshore Wind industries have built their awareness of a previously neglected hazard, demand for high quality and cost-effective Drops prevention solutions has risen accordingly. Dropsafe brings extensive expertise in Drops mitigation across these industries, and a proven product range that has enabled leading firms to set new benchmarks for safety.

A Dropped Object is any object that falls from height. Drops can take the form of ‘static’ Drops, where fixtures and fittings at height become loose and fall, or ‘dynamic’ drops, where objects fall from height owing to an externally applied force. Industrial sites are subject to significant Drops risks, with large numbers of personnel routinely carrying out maintenance operations across multiple levels amid exposure to harsh conditions – which may weaken structural components and light fittings due to corrosion and vibration.

Drops incidents present a fourfold risk, to personnel safety, asset integrity, financial performance and company reputation. The reputational risk to companies who have failed to take adequate precautions to ensure Drops prevention solutions are installed on their assets is a key consideration in high-risk energy sectors. Companies who seek to gain a competitive edge in the market must limit their exposure to avoidable risks.

Gerard van Bochove, manager of Van Dam Maintenance & Repair, sister company of Van Dam, said: “Dropsafe is an established HSE partner in the offshore energy sector and combined with our extensive experience in Oil & Gas and Power Generation, they are a natural fit for Van Dam Maintenance & Repair – sharing our core values of safety and innovation. Our partnership will ensure that European heavy industries such as Oil & Gas and Power Generation, will be able to meet the increasing demand for the best available Drops prevention solutions based on the most advanced, proven technology.

Mike Rice, Commercial Director, Dropsafe, added: “Heavy industry in Europe must remain at the forefront of best practice in Health & Safety and take all opportunities to mitigate Drops risks. Our partnership with Van Dam Maintenance & Repair will ensure our European distribution and support network can meet growing demand from industry leaders – so that advanced Drops prevention solutions are easily accessible across the continent.”

The deal with Van Dam Maintenance & Repair is the second European distribution agreement to be announced by Dropsafe in recent weeks, following the deal with MSS in Norway, leaving Dropsafe well-placed to serve businesses both in Scandinavia and across continental Europe.

About Dropsafe:

Dropsafe is the global leader in Dropped Object prevention.

We provide the solutions that companies need to mitigate the risks Dropped Objects pose to their people, equipment, finances and reputation; increasing awareness and addressing these risks to make workplace environments safer.

Dropsafe’s technologies have been adopted worldwide by more than 300 leading businesses across sectors including Oil & Gas, Mining, Marine and Power Generation. Designed and manufactured in-house, our solutions are independently tested and certified to meet the highest quality and performance standards.

Working directly with industry professionals, and responding to site-specific requirements, Dropsafe is actively defining best practice for Dropped Object mitigation as awareness of this threat continues to grow.

To find out more, please visit:

About VanDam:

Started in 2016 with the passionate idea to provide the best service and quality on all blast- and fire safety measures, so that every person will return home safely and equipment is well protected, Van Dam Maintenance & Repair focuses on regional and international maintenance and repair markets, based on the current Van Dam product portfolio and also on the maintenance and repair of living quarters, accommodations and blast resistant modules.

With complete knowledge of IMO SOLAS & NORSOK regulations, Van Dam Maintenance & Repair can custom design and build project-specific solutions with in-house engineering services and dedicated project teams.

Van Dam has a background in blast and fire protective products, which gives the company a long heritage in offshore engineering.

You can read more about Van Dam Maintenance & Repair here:


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Van Dam prolongs Achilles FPAL Certification

Posted by Paul Baggermans on 29 October 2019

In the challenging Oil & Gas Business, it's important to keep growing and improving, both for products and services but also as an organization.

Achilles FPAL is a platform for the Oil & gas sector, where buyers can check online the performances of delivery time, quality, project management etc, of the certified Suppliers that are represented.

After project completion, the clients are sent an FPAL evaluation form which evaluates the customer experience on all aspects of the order execution and specific comments and remarks can be given. All of this information is gathered and the results are published in the online database, which can be accessed by other buyers and clients as well.

Van Dam was now verified and certified by Achilles, not on their performance on projects but the growth of the internal organisation, in respect of:
- Quality
- Health & Safety
- Environment
- Competence & Training

Attached the certificate from FPAL with the results.

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Great success at the DSEI Exhibition London

Posted by Paul Baggermans on 19 September 2019


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Van Dam wins exclusive contract for T26 Project for the UK Royal Navy!!

Posted by Paul Baggermans on 29 August 2019


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Van Dam will be present at the 2019 DSEI exhibition in London

Posted by Paul Baggermans on 04 August 2019


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