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Van Dam prolongs Achilles FPAL Certification

Posted by Paul Baggermans on 29 October 2019

In the challenging Oil & Gas Business, it's important to keep growing and improving, both for products and services but also as an organization.

Achilles FPAL is a platform for the Oil & gas sector, where buyers can check online the performances of delivery time, quality, project management etc, of the certified Suppliers that are represented.

After project completion, the clients are sent an FPAL evaluation form which evaluates the customer experience on all aspects of the order execution and specific comments and remarks can be given. All of this information is gathered and the results are published in the online database, which can be accessed by other buyers and clients as well.

Van Dam was now verified and certified by Achilles, not on their performance on projects but the growth of the internal organisation, in respect of:
- Quality
- Health & Safety
- Environment
- Competence & Training

Attached the certificate from FPAL with the results.





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