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Van Dam wins exclusive contract for T26 Project for the UK Royal Navy!!

Posted by Paul Baggermans on 29 August 2019


Van Dam has been awarded a contract to supply all the high performance 10 bar blast doors (Type Nadam 4 MkII) which will be used on the Type 26 Frigates for the UK Royal Navy. These doors are meeting the extreme high requirements set-out by the UK Royal Navy. Van Dam is extremely proud of this award as it shows the commitment from the UK Royal Navy to the safety standard to protect personnel and critical safety equipment on board its vessels.

BAE Systems was awarded a contract to manufacture the first three ships for the Type 26 Global Combat Ship programme for the UK Royal Navy in July 2017.
Van Dam has been working on the project with several stake holders for many years whereby in the end the contract was signed with MST/PAR from the UK.

APPROVED Type 26 16x9_2_klein

Our newly re-designed Nadam MkII in collaboration with TNO Innovation for life (Netherlands)

Nadam 4 MKII  hinge side open iso

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