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The importance of a fire and blast rated escape hatch



On offshore platforms, whether it is a floating or a fixed platform, installing the right architectural components that provide safety against fire and explosions is of key importance. On onshore platforms, evacuation might seem easier since the structure is already on land, so people can get away more efficiently and firefighters can access the structure more rapidly. Unfortunately, this is different for offshore structures where operations take place between shallow or ultra-deep waters.

Fire and blast rated escape hatches provide the right solution in such cases. Because of the challenges of the offshore industry, the rules and regulations for escape hatches are very strict. The most important feature of an escape hatch is to ensure safe evacuation during fire and blast hazards. Next to this, they maintain the wellbeing and health of personnel by allowing more natural light into the structure.   

Pedro de Bok
By Pedro de Bok
on April 28, 2017