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The benefits of noise control in harsh working environments

Paul Baggermans
by Paul Baggermans on November 10, 2016


Acoustic requirements for architectural outfitting in working environments is a fundamental necessity for the wellbeing and health of employees. These requirements have been derived from the negative impacts workers have been facing with regards to excessive noise. Especially in offshore fields, where personnel not only work but also live, noise control is of great significance.

Controlling noise is not only beneficial for the wellbeing of employees, but also makes warning signals audible and adequate speech, and other types of communication, possible. Furthermore, employees who also live on structure, such as offshore platforms, are ensured to have a good night rest and a pleasant recreational environment. The absence of excessive noise also helps to maintain working efficiency and is proven to increase productivity.

Acoustics for fire and blast protective products

Effective communication

Effective communication is essential in any workplace. Whether it is in a meeting or on the work floor, communication must always be audible because it can be lifesaving. Audible speech levels should be higher that the surrounding noise levels in order to have good and understandable communication. In working environments where heavy machinery are present, ensuring a conversational sound level by means of architectural outfitting requires more effort and subsequent solutions.

Maintain working efficiency

Past studies have found that noise in work places causes negative moods, which eventually lead to an incapability of concentration. Due to concentration problems, stress levels rise and lead to health problems in the long run. In the short run, this means that the work efficiency cannot be maintained. By reducing noise in areas where concentration is a primary condition you allow your employees to fulfill work tasks more effectively. Clearly, preventing noise from reaching too high levels is vital for businesses to protect their staff and maintain working efficiency.

Increased productivity

High levels of stress and continual disruption due to noise can cause a downturn in productivity. Constant interruptions can lead to an inability to focus, which subsequently results in an ineffective and inefficient working environment for employees. The quality of work throughout the area could suffer, and workers may have difficulty talking with each other and clients. Sound insulation and sound absorption solutions are key factors in increasing productivity.

Effect on wildlife

The effect of noise pollution is even more of a problem for wildlife, because they are more dependent on sound. Therefore, sound regulation on e.g. oil platforms is of vital importance for maintaining safe and healthy wildlife. All corporations which can anticipate on such disasters should take their corporate responsibility and tailor the corporation’s initiatives to the wellbeing of, not only humans, but also animals.

At Van Dam our primary aim is to provide safety for personnel and maintain their health and wellbeing. Want to know more about our sound proof products? Download our eBook!

Acoustics for fire and blast protective products

Paul Baggermans
Written by Paul Baggermans
Paul is a self-assured general manager & global marketing director whose mission is to advice customers in finding the best fire and blast protective products for their project requirements. His great interest in other business environments allows him to build a mutual trustworthy relationship with new and existing clients.