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The benefits of high quality fire protection solutions

Ted Klaver
by Ted Klaver on October 25, 2017

Fire protection solutions vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from industry to industry. State-of-the-art solutions are known for their compliance to the highest regulations and standards in the market, and the need for innovation and development in order to keep on catering to the need of the changing wishes of industry professionals. There are however some perceived disadvantages to high quality products, such as the price.

This article will explain in detail how high quality fire protection solutions are cost saving and allows for continuous operability.

Long-term benefits

High quality fire protection solutions like doors, walls and windows are made out of the best innovative materials. For instance, special attention need to be payed to insulation materials due to their capability to resist fire e.g. up to a fire rating of J60. Such materials have a high longevity and a high level of protection to ensure safety for people and equipment on structures.

High quality products are future-proof since they comply to the highest standards and regulations within the industries.

Low maintenance

Timely maintenance optimizes efficiency, increases the wellbeing of personnel, reduces safety risks and has a positive impact on performance. Regular and skilled maintenance can help to assure long-term availability and reduces the risk of unplanned downtime of (parts of) your living environment.

Fire doors, walls and windows naturally are in need of maintenance from time to time. Maintenance work can be very costly, especially when not done on time. Low quality products need more frequent maintenance since the materials and construction are not as good as high quality products. This can be a costly process since extra material and extra personnel is needed to arrange maintenance work.

High quality fire doors, walls and windows are commonly in less need of maintenance since the basic construction is already very strong. The main mission is to expand the lifespan of the products without the need for continuous repair work.

Long lifespan

An average offshore oil platform is expected to operate for many years. The construction of the platform is therefore manufactured with materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and other offshore challenges for years to come. An fire rated door, wall and windows should remain operable under any conditions for over 30 years in order to keep the whole structure operable. Products that are engineered with high quality products therefore focus on longevity in order to simultaneously expand the lifespan of the whole structure. This example is the same for industries such as onshore oil & gas, offshore wind, and infra & defense.

In conclusion, high quality fire protection solutions like fire doors, walls and windows, have many long-term benefits, are in need of low maintenance and have a long lifespan. Therefore the return on investment will be high and the investment’s gains compare favorably to its costs.

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Ted Klaver
Written by Ted Klaver
Ted is a customer-oriented manager of sales and general manager of Van Dam Asia. He understands the challenges and goals of his customers within the Asian market and bases his advice on solutions on his strong experience and expertise in the field. He has been responsible for the set-up of some great projects and he and his team remain dedicated to delivering the best guidance to the key clients around the world.