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Research and Development has done it again!

Posted by Paul Baggermans on 12 November 2018

Van Dam Research & Developments certifies Penetrations in Van Dam Sandwich Panels

Creating constant innovations and development of new Van Dam products, it is the mission statement of our R&D department at Van Dam headquarters in the Netherlands.

After the successful implementation of our Generation IV Sandwich panel, Van Dam has been able to secure several projects with its new wall system.

The most important USP’s of the Generation IV wall system is weight saving, cost reduction and a reduction of the installation time.

Wall penetrations being an essential part of the entire system and also need to be certified to secure the type approval certification of the entire system.

Van Dam B.V. has successfully tested and type approved a wide range of penetrations:

    HVAC: size range of fire dampers between 200x100 mm and 500x500 mm

    Pipe: size range of circular penetrations between 110 mm and 500 mm diameter

    Cables: circular 120 mm outside diameter and rectangular 450 mm x 250 mm


Typically penetrations are tested according to FTP Code part 3, Appendix 2 in a standard IMO Bulkhead.

The Generation IV Sandwich panels are non-load bearing Fire Walls and the design is lightweight  because of its thin outer steel skins. As a result connection details of the penetrations require special design attention. Notified Bodies like Lloyd’s Register require specific full-scale fire testing for the combined systems of certified penetrations and certified sandwich panel firewalls.

A safe and solid connection system is developed in good cooperation with penetration suppliers like Beele Engineering and Heinen Hopman. Additional advantages of the developed system are:

  • Penetrations may be fitted over the panel joints
  • Split penetration sleeves can be mounted over existing pre-installed pipes


For penetrations of a larger size, certified penetrations need to be purchased and additional support steel must be added in order to obtain a case by case project approval (Design Appraisal Document by LR).

Van Dam will do the complete engineering, design and procurement (if required) for these oversized penetrations. If you have any inquiries please send us an email and we would be happy to assist on this subject.


 Disclaimer: Actual pentration esthetics may vary due to size, shape and type of penetration used, in accordance with type approval certification.

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