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Van Dam awarded Project at Bul Hanine Redevelopment project Qatar

Posted by Paul Baggermans on 29 October 2018

Van Dam awarded Project at Bul Hanine Redevelopment project Qatar


Recently Van Dam was awarded yet another project for the Bul Hanine field in Qatar.

The Bul Hanine field redevelopment project is located approximately 120 km East of the Qatari border and produces 40000 bpd. Production will be increased to 90000 bpd in the year 2020 whit the use of 150 new wells till 2028  and 14  additional wellhead platforms.


Van Dam will be supplying Heat Shield Cladding for the project. This cladding system is meeting not one (1) but two different requirements at the same time.

It functions as Heatshield cladding, whereas the shield function as a reduction shield for the heat flux of either a flare or a possible fire hazard. Secondly, it functions as a weather protection system against sun and/or heavy wind loads.

With a radiation reduction of maximum 94%, variable reduction rates can be customized to be project specific.

The cladding system is easy and fast to install and high radiation reduction will secure either your drill tower, staircases, walkway bridges or for example your onshore pipelines, for safe operation at all times.

With the award for the Bul Hanine project, Van Dam furthermore broadens its footprint in the Middle East.

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