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Maintenance in the offshore industry: Cost or cost-saver?

Gerard van Bochove
by Gerard van Bochove on February 06, 2017


An average car requires maintenance every 15000 to 20000 kilometers or at least once a year. This is not much different for equipment maintenance in the multi-million dollar offshore oil & gas industry. Lots of operators and platform-owners postpone proper maintenance or simply wait until non-crucial equipment breaks down. Not only frustration but also a higher cost of repair are often the result. Not to mention the possible safety risk when not properly maintained. Studies show that the cost of maintenance has a return on investment of approximately 200%.

The costs of maintenance

You probably have already heard of the phrase “the hidden cost of failures”. You also might struggle to assess the exact costs of failures due to limited (or no) maintenance, where the costs of maintenance are out of pocket and very well visible. A good comparison of the expected costs of a “run-to-fail” scenario against a well thought maintenance strategy is difficult to be made for your living quarter. Often maintenance decisions are made and implemented hoping there will be a return on investment. The problem with this approach is that decisions can only be measured after they are implemented.

Van Dam Maintenance & Repair

The benefits of maintenance

A well maintained living quarter or accommodation is not only a comfortable place to stay offshore, it also optimizes efficiency, increases the wellbeing, reduces safety risks and has a positive impact on performance. Regular and skilled maintenance can help to assure long-term availability and reduces the risk of unplanned downtime of (parts of) your living environment whilst staying offshore. When the reliability of several components increases due to a good maintenance strategy, we notice less downtime, more engaged users, less cost of repairs, a longer life span and a healthier living environment. Furthermore, if the living quarter is in good condition and a pleasant, comfortable area to work, sleep, recreate and eat, the residents are proved more engaged and better performers.

Choosing the right partner for maintenance

For a safe and durable operation of a living quarter, accommodation, or just a door, it is very important to choose the right partner for maintenance activities. Take a look at Van Dam Maintenance and Repair about the solutions we offer for various types of applications.

Van Dam Maintenance & Repair

Gerard van Bochove
Written by Gerard van Bochove
Gerard is a creative and self-motivated manager of Maintenance & Repair with a strong understanding of maintenance issues and possesses extensive experience in a wide range of maintenance operations in varying industries. His aim is to ensure clean, safe, and well-ordered environments for durable operations worldwide.