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The benefits of a sandwich wall system

Fred van Beugen
by Fred van Beugen on December 04, 2019


Sandwich wall systems ensure good acoustics in rooms. It protects employees against high noise levels, this reduces the risk of hearing damage and it is possible to have conversations in rooms where machines are running. But sandwich wall systems have more advantages, in this blog I list them.

Widely applicable

Van Dam’s sandwich panels are widely applicable. They can be used in the onshore and offshore oil & gas industry, wind energy industry and the infrastructure & defense industry. The panels are mainly used for internal and external wall coverings and partition walls.

Fast installation and weight saving

The sandwich wall systems can be installed quickly. A compartment can be equipped with the panels very fast, saving time and money. The compartment can also be put into use much faster.

Another major advantage of the sandwich panels is the weight. Van Dam’s sandwich wall systems are much lighter than other wall panels. For example, the weight of a panel with a thickness of 100 mm is only about 21 kg / m2.

Thermal insulation

The sandwich panels consist of three layers, a thick core layer and two metal outer plates. The core layer is insulating and is often made from mineral wool. The mineral wool insulation ensures good temperature control in the compartments.


Fire protection

Fire protection is very important in onshore and offshore facilities, of course the sandwich wall systems are also equipped with the necessary fire protection. The insulation is made of non-combustible materials, to prevent the spread of fire.

Do you want to know more about sandwich wall systems and its properties? Take a look at the Van Dam Sandwich Wall System!

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Fred van Beugen
Written by Fred van Beugen
Fred is an international sales manager with excellent networking capabilities and a strong focus on building long term relationships. His result-oriented attitude ensures plans are adhered to. With an in-depth knowledge and understanding of technology in relation to market needs, he is able to give the client the best solution for every problem. For Fred client satisfaction is self-evidence instead of a task.