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5 advantages of pneumatically operated doors

Ted Klaver
by Ted Klaver on August 22, 2016


Fire and blast rated doors can have a manually operated , electrically operated or a pneumatically operated system. Pneumatic doors are operated by air cylinders which are filled with compressed air. The drive system is equipped with a fire safety valve in order to prevent the door from opening during a fire.

Very often, operators choose to install manually operated systems, due to its lower cost. Yet, pneumatically operated doors pose more advantages in certain situations, which should be seriously taken into consideration.

Fire ratings for fire protective products

Advantage 1: Higher level of safety

The purpose of each fire and blast rated door is to provide safety during fires and explosion. This purpose can truly be served if the doors are actually closed. Unfortunately, it is often seen in practice that especially manually operated doors are left open. Therefore, safety is not preserved. Pneumatically operated doors do not require the help of people when opening/closing the doors since it is done automatically. In this way, the door cannot be left open, so safety is preserved.

Advantage 2: High effectiveness

Fortunately, there is an unlimited amount of air in our atmosphere to produce compressed air. A pneumatically operated door will never run out of air supply in order to keep operating. Consequently, the door does not require a lot of maintenance.

Advantage 3: High durability and simple design

Components in pneumatic door design cannot be easily damaged because there are made of stainless steel, which makes it durable. It is very important for doors to have a simple design to make it user-friendly. Every worker has to understand very easily how the door works. The design of a pneumatically operated door is relatively simple and therefore very user-friendly.

Advantage 4: Environmental friendly

The use of pneumatically operated doors is very environmentally friendly. The compressed air does not include pollutants and is processed in a way that it does not harm the air quality in any way.

Advantage 5: Cost effective

The costs of pneumatic operating systems and components are quite low. Moreover, due to its durability, the costs for maintenance and upgrade is also very low.

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Fire ratings for fire protective products

Ted Klaver
Written by Ted Klaver
Ted is a customer-oriented manager of sales and general manager of Van Dam Asia. He understands the challenges and goals of his customers within the Asian market and bases his advice on solutions on his strong experience and expertise in the field. He has been responsible for the set-up of some great projects and he and his team remain dedicated to delivering the best guidance to the key clients around the world.